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Simplify your photo as much as possible, remove unwated elements and be aware of the background. A photo with too much going on wont grab the viewers attention and keep it. If the eye wanders around the picture trying to look at all the elements that are there, it will loose its effectiveness. Make sure your subject is the most prominate feature of the photo and the background is not distracting.

One of the most important lessons I ever had was to get in close to the subject. My mentor kept saying closer, closer, closer. I thought he had lost his mind. In fact he was dead on and I think that was the most valuable lesson I learned. ‘Fill the frame’ with you subject. (Note:Try not to cut of the edges of the subject unless ofcourse you are focusing on a specific area of your subject.) Filling the frame helps to make the subject of your photo unmistakeable and also helps to remove those unwanted distaractions from the background.

Would you like to photograph anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want, any way you want, with a great professional camera system? Would you love to travel to luxury destinations and photograph whatever, whenever you want?

The only way to do this is to keep your real job and do photography on your own time.

If you want to photograph professionally you’ll make less money, have to shoot the boring stuff in crappy locations for which you’re hired, shoot it the way the client wants, and probably have to shoot everything as if it’s some big emergency every time. You’ll probably only be able to afford beat up old gear that’s “good enough.”

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